Remstroytechnika JSC - is a diversified enterprise, which is involved in production of concrete products (CP), manufacture of metal structures of different complexity, it has Concrete Mixing Section (CMC), Certified Laboratory, Finished Products Warehouse, Stub Track.

The company provides a full range of services from calculation of drawing up to manufacture, certification and delivery to the customer.

To date requirements to the quality and performance characteristics of concrete products have increased for construction companies, and our products meet such requirements in full. Successful activity of the company is provided with highly qualified personnel, who are working for the company in good faith and with great dedication. All our products are certified and subject to strict quality control at the production laboratory and the department of technical control. We are also searching and invite new partners for working together for mutual benefit.

About Company:

Remstroytechnika JSC participates actively in construction of Almaty city and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Examples of our qualities are such large buildings as the Grand Almaty Channel, complex of 16-storey buildings and offices in the Republic Square in Almaty, and more. Currently, the Company cooperates with Almatymetrokurylys JSC under the state order for construction of Metropolitan railway of Almaty and participates in construction of Asian gas pipeline.

Remstroytechnika JSC:

• Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001, 14001, 18001
• Consistent quality
• Wide range of products released
• Certified laboratory, Certificate No.50/13 as of October 16, 2013.
• All the products manufactured are covered with Certificate of Conformity
• Proximity of the city
• Fast terms of loading and delivery
• Individual attention
• Flexible discount system
• Professional and friendly staff
• Comfortable access ways (stub track, roads)

Advanced structure of the stub track allows us to servicing a huge number of counterparties. Two maneuver locomotives distribute 120-160 open goods cars through the stub track of Remstroytechnika JSC per day.


In the early 70-s, factories and other manufacturing facilities for industrial products provision of a booming industry of land reclamation and water resources outside the Almaty city boundaries were put into operation. The following facilities were built in a territory of 57he:

1. Concrete Products Plant
2. Plant for repair of construction and road machines
3. Supply base
4. Huge engineering infrastructure (power supply, own water intakes, sewage, communications, separate branched railway line and other ancillary facilities).

In April 1974, “Remstroytechnika” Production Association (PA) was established on the basis of Burunday plant for repair of construction and road machines (BPRC and RM), which consisted of the entire repair - mechanical and engineering companies (13 companies) of the Glavrissovkhozstroy, located in different cities. Great work had been done in specialization, modernization and equipping of plants with the new equipment and the new technologies. “Remstroytechnika” PA name itself conformed to its activity profile completely.

During strengthening and establishment of all the enterprises (mechanical plants), a number of plants stood out as independent businesses and was withdrawn from the Remstroytechnika JSC.

At the same time, due to delay in technology and the urgent need of concrete plants development, the Concrete Products Plants were transferred to Remstroytechnika JSC composition. So, in late 1974, the Remstroytechnika PA has the following plants in its composition from the liquidated Burunday PA: large Concrete Products and Pressure Pipes Plant, Taldy - Kurgan Concrete Products Plant, Panfilov Concrete Products Plant, Woodworking Plant, car depot and a number of other companies.

Due to acute demand, a separate specialized Engineering and Design Division (EDD) was created within Remstroytechnika JSC.

Group of authors – employees of Remstroytechnika JSC were twice awarded with the prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (in 1979 and in 1983) for invention and development of new technological systems as well as consistently had numerous other awards for many years (almost till the breakup of the USSR) - transferrable banners of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR, Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Central Committee of Professional Unions.

At that time, the Concrete Products and Pressure Pipes Plant had become the second plant in the USSR for production of reinforced concrete pressure pipes of large diameter (from diameter of 500mm to diameter of 2700mm), which were manufactured completely by its original technology.

A that time, huge volumes of reclamation construction, both in the USSR and in Kazakhstan, demanded more and more new technological and organizational solutions.

Three mobile mechanized columns were created within Remstroytechnika PA for construction and installation of water mains of large-diameter, construction of production facilities and housing. At that time 150 thousand square meters of housing, including Vodnik District in Burunday village, Meliorator District in Talgar, housing in Almaty, were made and built with own construction under series 069C. Structures were made and a complex of 9-storey residential houses was designed and built in Almaty.

Remstroytechnika PA have produced industrial products for an amount more than 200 million rubles, construction and erection works - for an amount of 35 million rubles per year by the end of the 80s under the program of a large construction trust.

The head office of Remstroytechnika PA was the basis for this.

By the beginning of 90-s the Head office produced the following:

  1. Reinforced concrete pressure pipes with steel core in diameter of: 500mm, 700mm, 1000mm, 1400mm, 2700mm.
  2. Reinforced concrete products for land reclamation (parabolic trays, products for rectangular channels, channel lining plates, wells, water outlets and many other products).
  3. Products for industrial construction.
  4. Products for housing (residential 5-storey large-panel houses of 069C series, 9-storey houses)
  5. Road plates and other products for road construction.
  6. Pipe layers with carrying capacity of 6.3tn: 12tn: 80tn:
  7. Tube welding mills for welding of thin-walled tubes for delivery in the USSR and in foreign countries.
  8. Various construction metal structures (including, particularly complex ones, such as, for example, a bridge across the river Ural with length of 360m).
  9. Various technological and non-standard equipment for a wide variety of plants, power plants, large-scale construction projects in Almaty and etc.
  10. Spare parts in a wide range.
  11. Numerous individual unique products and designs (from relay masts, complex steel and metal supports of transmission lines to rotating scenes of theaters, etc.)
  12. A wide variety of metal molds for production of concrete products.

Various products were supplied to various sectors of the economy (not only for irrigation, but also for the power industry, oil and gas industry, the mining industry and others).

Technical potential of the parent company has survived till the present day.

Current status

In 90-s, due to changes in the economic structure and political transformation of the Soviet Union, Remstroytechnika PA also underwent some significant changes. In 1993, Remstroytechnika JSC (originally 90% state-owned and later the state stake completely passed to private ownership) was created during privatization on the basis of Remstroytechnika PA.

After a series of reorganizations, the following is a part of Remstroytechnika JSC:

1. Concrete Products Plant
2. Testing and Experimental Mechanical Plant (now Mechanical Plant).
3. Stub track
4. Heat, Water Supply and Sanitation Division (HWSD).
5. Cars Division
6. Service Facilities

Territory of Remstroytechnika JSC is 23he

Engineering infrastructure of production site is well developed:

  • External power supply - by two overhead lines OL -35kV and two overhead lines 110 kV, as well as two district substations with a total capacity of 45MW (representing 5% of the total power system of Almaty) - this is a very good supply for development of any production.
  • Water supply - own water intake with three deep pumps.
  • Heat supply – own boiler, operating on gas.
  • Communication – city telephone and local telephone station.
  • Branched rail stub track with a total length of track - 11 km with numerous fronts of unloading and loading, as well as two own locomotives.
  • Access to the industrial site by several ways.
  • and etc.

Short sites description.

Concrete Products Plant (CPP) has 9 production spans of 18m * 144 m each, one span of 18 * 198m, concrete mixing section, two cement warehouses for 2000tn, and 800tn, aggregate warehouse (for storage of sand and gravel), compressor section, reinforcement shop, three spans of finished products warehouse of 18 * 300m each, ancillary buildings and facilities.

The Concrete Products Plant (CCP) currently produces:

- Ready-mix concrete.
- Tubings of several types for Almaty Metropolitan, including the most advanced high-precision ones under the European technology
- Products for industrial and residential construction
- Products for power construction
- Products for the construction of railway bridges and highways
- Products for public works and landscaping
- Articles for hydraulic engineering and land reclamation
- Products for gasification
- Steel structures details

The Concrete Products Plant has unused production spaces to accommodate a wide variety of technologies for production of construction materials of a wide range (universal production spans, energy and other engineering systems allow to placing a variety of production lines). Working-outs and ready business - projects are available.

Testing and Experimental Mechanical Plant has 4 production spans of 18 * 144 meters each with a variety of universal metal-working equipment, on span of finished products warehouse of 30 * 250m, one production outdoor span, materials warehouses and other facilities.

The plant produces a variety of steel structures, various tanks for fuels and lubricants (up to 5000 cub.m.), products for energy, mining, gas and other industries, it is able to perform a variety of orders:

  • Production of non-standard equipment according to customer’s drawings or under own layouts and steel structures details
  • Production of travers for high-voltage poles
  • Production of bridges and bridge structures
  • We produce beams, cross-bars, columns.

Railway stub track (No.148) serves with its two locomotives as own units of Remstroytechnika JSC, so many different counterparties (about 50). Located next to the JSC railway stub track has very branched train paths that start from the Almaty-I railway station and reach various enterprises. The railway stub track has its own locomotive depot.

Cargo passes the railway stub track No.148 by transit to the stub track No. 160 and other railway stub tracks. In fact, the railway stub track of Remstroytechnika JSC – is a rail transit station with actual good income.

HWSS – heat, water and sanitation supply division, boiling room is operating on gas, reserve fuel – diesel fuel.

Underground water supply points – they are several, they have three wells with water of very good drinking quality and capacity (up to 3000cub.m) for water storage.

Cars Division provides delivery of employees of the JSC to and from work by own buses, it also service the needs of the enterprise with trucks and fixtures and has its own cars. There are indoor boxes, repair area, various industrial, administrative and warehouses facilities.

Service Facilities – construction area, joiner's shop, high-voltage service and other services, they have their own premises, equipment, etc.

Administrative facility has total area 6500 sq.m (3 floors), where the offices are located, service rooms, dining room, snack bar, medical center and other facilities.

Transport infrastructure - is well developed (there are roads, leading both to Almaty and in other towns and in other areas of Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries), as well as operating its own railway stub track.

The most attractive technologies for the future development of Remstroytechnika, first of all, can be production, corresponding to the project profile of the JSC, taking into account the actual stock and this is production of:

- economy structures for the middle class (the so-called economy houses, lightweight prefabricated full with operational readiness houses).
- efficient panels and floor slabs by way of formless molding.
- manufacturing of non-pressure pipes for sewerage systems on automatic complexes.
- products for energy industry: concrete and metal supports for overhead transmission power lines, products for small hydropower plants (production of universal buildings of small hydropower stations and pressure lines for them can be fully ensured, experience has already taken place in this area at Almaty Hydro Power Plant: this is a very promising direction of energy development, its place can be completely occupied here).
- manufacturing of repair and road construction machinery, as well as equipment for small-scale mechanization of buildings (lifts, cranes, overhead trays, fittings, scaffolding systems, etc.)
- production of equipment and spare parts for mining, oil, gas and energy industries, and railway transport, as well as preservation of production for reclamation and irrigation.

In addition, capabilities of available storage spaces can be used for development of logistics centers of various industries and expansion of services of railway stub track, which is a very profitable business.

Many cost-effective and interesting projects have been implemented at the facilities of Remstroytechnika JSC.

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